User-Friendly Bitcoin Alternative Munne Prepares To Launch After Escrow ICO Period

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New cryptocurrency Munne, MNE, is preparing for launch with an initial ICO phase secured via escrow with funds held on a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Munne is encouraging a strong community by already launching, a social media platform for Munne users. The MNE wallet, now in Beta is already available for download with exclusive features like a news feed, market information, a coin ranking implementation and block explorer. Munne will be a user-friendly, fast and secure cryptocurrency where simplicity is key to promote a wider adoption in both trading and commerce.

Munnecoin is a decentralised peer-to-peer proof-of-stake cryptocurrency preparing to launch soon offering 3 % annual interest and 90 second block time. An estimated 10000000 MNE will be generated over time with no premine, all funds will be gathered over an ICO. The ICO phase will be secured via escrow and monitored by an exchange for transparency and security; if the terms of the Initial Coin Offering is met the escrow payment process can begin: if not all purchased coins would be refunded.  The Munnecoin team strives to accomplish a user-friendly and ecstatically pleasing design in order to provide an ultimate user experience and stimulate a vast adoption. MNE chooses to encourage natural growth to avoid common problems faced by new altcoins. Hence Munne aims to be fully functional and easy to use right from the start.

“We saw that many people are tired of half-finished coins launched and teams that abandon their jobs, we saw many well-intentioned projects that failed because they can’t expand their ideas far from this forum. We are a real game changer, and a breath of fresh air for this environment.” – Mchrono

Munne will soon be introducing a new system to promote the use of Munne among novelty traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike in order to revolutionise both money and commerce. Munne strives to embody the belief expressed by Nobel Prize winner in Economics Milton Friedman.

“I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed is a reliable e-cash.”

The MNE wallet is expected to be released to the public after the ICO; a fully functional version is already available for download for curious users who wish to get a feel for the design and elegant user-friendliness. The wallet contains new features exclusive for Munnecoin adopters; a news feed from two important cryptocurrency websites, market information from all currencies listed on Mintpal and Bittrex, a coin ranking section for easy overview, and a block explorer for MNE.

Munne just recently launched, the official community of Munne, a public social network hub for users. The community platform allows people worldwide to post news, ask questions and access exclusive tools related to MNE. Munne will soon be co-releasing a mobile wallet and a unique alias system, following their standard of an excellent design and user-friendliness.

With the early release of Munne’s community network Commune and fully functional wallet featuring several key functions, Munne is bringing user-friendliness and simplicity to the cryptocurrency space.

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