The Evolving Bitcoin Landscape in Canada

Canada Bitcoin

Canada has a thriving Bitcoin ecosystem with a wide range of Bitcoin sites and services having been established; The Bitcoin Catalog, The Canadian Virtual Exchange, The Montreal Bitcoin Embassy and 777Coin – to name just a few.

The Bitcoin Catalog is the world’s first print Bitcoin Catalog; featuring over 300 Bitcoin businesses and with the second edition due to come out this November. The first catalog was downloaded over 5000 times by Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide.

The Canadian Virtual Exchange is the largest Bitcoin to Canadian Dollar exchange in Canada; having traded over $27.2 Million CAD and rapidly expanding with a huge demand for its services.

The Montreal Bitcoin Embassy is a non-profit organization seeking to promote the adoption of Bitcoin and related crypto-technologies, as well as facilitating networking with the Bitcoin community throughout Quebec and Canada. Its mission includes informing, educating and assisting individuals and merchants alike on the use of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin online gaming has evolved into a multi million dollar online industry. The iconic Bitcoin Dice Site SatoshiDice sold for $11.5 Million USD this past July. While services have been launched worldwide, the online Bitcoin gaming landscape in Canada has been relatively non-existent – until now.

777Coin launched earlier this year; one of the most original Bitcoin gaming platforms to be launched for months. All games are proprietary and have been developed in house by the owner David; a long time Bitcoin enthusiast who goes by the moniker lightlord on the bitcointalk forums.

Due to the original games on offer, provably fair technology and high paying affiliate program 777Coin has been steadily rising in popularity month after month since its launch.

Canada has a healthy and thriving Bitcoin ecosystem; featuring one of the most original Bitcoin gaming platforms in the world, the world’s first Bitcoin Embassy, The Bitcoin Catalog and The Canadian Virtual Exchange.

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