Progressive Cryptocurrency Global Denomination Launches Innovative Crypto Social Media Network With Android App

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New cryptocurrency Global Denomination (GDN) implements hashing algorithm X11, fast transaction times of target 1 minute blocks, DigiShield software and instant payments worldwide. Since launching in April Global Denomination has been accepted on six exchanges including Poloniex and Bittrex and voting is ongoing for Global Denomination to become listed on exchanges such as Mintpal and Cryptsy. Global Denomination has just launched their latest ground breaking project a social media platform that strives to unite all crypto currency forums into one central hub. Crypto Connecta is complete with forum, live chat functions, social network, and a news centre. The game changing platform is now available as an android app on Google Play.

21 million GDN will be produced the first year with a total of 56 million coins. Global Denomination uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of GDN is carried out collectively by the network with very low fees. GDNs´ global network provides extremely fast transaction confirmations averaging 1 minute. Instant worldwide transactions require only 6 confirmations across 6 blocks. Global Denomination also offers a 40 GDN block reward, with rewards maturing every fifth block.
Buying, selling and trading GDN is already available on Poloniex, Bittrex CryptoKopen, Europex, Swaphole and Allcrypt.

Global Denomination implements an energy efficient combination of the X11 algorithm and DigiShield software. The X11 hashing algorithm enables long and profitable CPU and GPU mining and ensures ASIC resistance so that mining will always be possible for regular computers. DigiShield offers protection against multi-pools and inflation as it re-targets the difficulty of a coin, the same software is used by the popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

Global Denomination has its own forum and encourages a democratic GDN community by allowing followers to vote on decisions that are in the best interests of the coin. The forum is open for GDN users, traders and miners to talk to each other; interact with the open development team and vote in polls for future developments of GDN.

Global Denomination is proud to present their latest project, social media platform, Crypto Connecta. Featuring a live forum, social network and news centre. Crypto Connecta is now available as an android app on Google Play. Crypto Connecta was generously sponsored by Global Denomination sister site

Crypto Connecta aims to bring together all crypto currency communities in one place as a central meeting ground for the latest Crypto Currency news and discussions.

“We believe that majority of crypto currency developers, users, miners and traders should be working together for the greater good of the global crypto currency community. As for now each crypto currency has its own community that are working independently of one another. To assist in bringing together all crypto currency communities in one place we have been working tirelessly on the development of Crypto Connecta, a central hub for all Crypto Currency news and discussions. With this project we are encouraging collaborations between development teams from similar crypto currencies. We value the privacy of all members thus the only requirements for registration is an email address and a name so even anonymous coin users can get involved.” The Crypto Connecta Development Team

Crypto Connecta implements the latest technology such as SSL Encryption, live chat rooms for topical discussions, constantly updated live prices of all major cryptocurrencies in the activity stream and a responsive site for easy access via mobile phones; with extra features like a dedicated mobile menu for efficient use of the forum functions. Crypto Connecta will continuously feature guest news desk authors from established crypto currency news outlets.

Cryptocurrency GDN shows itself to be a technically advanced alt coin. GDN may very well have a big impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem not only for the clever use of the X11 algorithm and DigiShield software, but also for the rapid release of ground breaking projects such as Crypto Connecta. Crypto Connecta is a progressive solution to unite the entire cryptocurrency community; consisting of over 300 alt coins and millions of cryptocurrency users worldwide. Crypto Connecta is the first of many GDN projects that will give back to the wider crypto community – the coin no doubt has a bright future ahead.

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