Bitcoinist Is Now the Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency News Website

Bitcoin Press Release: The recent improvements to Bitcoinist has made it the fastest growing online cryptocurrency news publication.

February 20, 2017 – Bitcoinist, the leading cryptocurrency news resource portal is moving up the ranks at a rapid pace, to position itself as the fastest growing platform. The platform’s dramatic rise following few major changes has reflected in Bitcoinist’s Alexa ranking.

Started in 2014, Bitcoinist has undergone a complete design overhaul in the recent days followed by a change from its previous “.net” to the present “.com” domain. The new design offers a clear, easy to read interface which is a lot cleaner than the previous one. At the operations end, Bitcoinist now has new management, a new editorial team and experienced writers. These changes are reflected in the platform’s new editorial policy.

In addition to news, Bitcoinist also offers a range of useful features and powerful tools to its reader base. In order to fulfill its vision of becoming a one-stop resource site for the cryptocurrency community, Bitcoinist has included a brand-new gambling page with reviews of various online Bitcoin casinos and cryptocurrency betting sites. The publication is working in partnership with Indacoin, allowing readers to Buy Bitcoin with a debit or a credit card in more than 200 countries. The choice of Indacoin for its Buy Bitcoin page is driven by the fact that the cryptocurrency platform doesn’t store any customer data.

The trove of features doesn’t end here. Bitcoinist’s growing influence in the cryptocurrency community is further strengthened by the inclusion of real-time price ticker that supports no just Bitcoin but also Ethereum and Dash. In the coming days, Bitcoinist will extend its support to other altcoins by launching a full Altcoin Price page.

Bitcoinist has retained few important features from its old site, including the Bitcoin Knowledge Base, Press Release Publishing Service, and Event Promotions. In the future, the platform will also accommodate ICO countdown page for the benefit of both cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and investors. As it grows bigger, Bitcoinist is looking forward to expanding its team. Those interested in putting their creativity and skills to use to earn bitcoins can apply on the website’s Jobs section.

Advertisers stand to benefit a lot by advertising on the fastest growing cryptocurrency news website. In the past three months, Bitcoinist’s Alexa ranking has risen from 9,483,401 to 142,023. The platform has received a significant boost in its readership, social media followers and website traffic. The newsletter circulation has also increased to over 6,000 subscribers.

Bitcoinist also welcomes potential investors to join the platform and gain returns as it grows along with Bitcoin.

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