New Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Bourse Launches in Europe Offering Revenue Shares to Investors

Bitcoin Bourse Logo

Bitcoin Bourse is a newly launched European peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading system which includes a secure escrow service; Bitcoin Bourse holds the Bitcoin until the successful transaction has occurred between the seller and the buyer.

The Bitcoin trading platform currently has no trading fees for the buying and selling of Bitcoin. The service is open to Bitcoin traders in all European countries and is available in English right now. German and French versions will be launched next week with other languages to follow shortly.

Why is Bitcoin Bourse different to other Bitcoin trading platforms?

Bitcoin Bourse offers customers the opportunity to participate in the profits of the system. Bitcoin Bourse offers System shares, which do not represent ownership of the company, but do provide the owner with a weekly dividend of 0.001% (per share) of the all fees generated by Bitcoin Bourse.

System shares do not depend on the profitability of the system, but on the turnover.

To buy and sell Bitcoin on Bitcoin Bourse follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Sign up :
  2. Deposit Bitcoins
  3. Buy System Shares

Bitcoin Bourse also offers an affiliate program and pays 0.5 BTC per sign up to advertisers. Anyone worldwide can sign up for the affiliate program at:


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