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New Zealand based Techemy Ltd’s new website offers badly needed accurate price and conversion data for the followers of Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies. In a market that has exploded in recent months, nobody has been able to put together a truly accurate price index, combined with market information for the vast amount of cryptocurrencies traded around the world. provides users with constant cryptocurrency price and conversion tools: with plans for industry grade digital currency portfolio management tools to be offered in the near future.

The currency conversion tool at accumulates accurate data from a vast majority of the most trusted global cryptocurrency exchanges and business sources. Similar to, Bravenewcoin also displays up to date key indicators for cryptocurrencies such as global trade volume, market cap, total supply and weighted price in USD. pulls data from every exchange on the planet and offers a global and market weighted average or ‘spotprice’ for the top 50 (and growing) notable Bitcoin type currencies. Embeddable price tickers are also available for for each currency.

The app calculates the market weighted average of over 50 cryptocurrencies including newer coins such as Dogecoin. The user simply types in the value, chooses a fiat currency or cryptocurrency, selects the currency to convert to and clicks the convert button. New currencies are being added constantly and Bravenewcoin pulls exchange rates from up to 41 global digital currency exchanges.

Over the next 3 months they will continue to add coins but more importantly offer the badly needed service of cryptocurrency portfolio management. Saving retailers, accountants, fund managers and individuals the headache of figuring out what their digital transactions and holdings are worth.

Currently, there are approximately 2.5 million individuals involved in the Bitcoin community, a number that has drastically increased just over the last year. Alternative cryptocurrencies have also skyrocketed in popularity over the same period, increasing the demand for easy access to vital market information. Visionary Techemy Ltd has identified these needs with providing an unparalleled cryptocurrency market data and information service to the world’s fastest growing financial audience.

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