Bitcoin Alternative BitcoinDark Launches Collaborative Network SuperNET Bringing Together Cryptocurrency Development Teams Worldwide


Proof of Stake cryptocurrency BitcoinDark enters the Bitcoin arena with unique technical advancements such as the teleportation system with the ability to turn any alt coin completely anonymous, InstantDEX decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, tradebots for an optimal trading experience and the infrastructure to turn any alt coin in to Bitcoin: enabling trading everywhere BTC is accepted.

BitcoinDark is now preparing to share their cutting-edge technology with other dev teams when launching collaborative network SuperNET, also called UNITY, an exclusive network designed to unite the most unique cryptocurrencies worldwide. Over 3500 BTC has been raised for the SuperNet ICO so far. BTCD strives to unite the ever expanding cryptocurrency community bringing back decentralization, openness and anonymity.

BitcoinDark completely anonymous Proof-of-Stake digital currency will generate 5% annual staking revenue for holders for more than 60 years, as well as allowing off-blockchain transactions. BTCD stake holders will also profit from BTCD´s various revenues. BitcoinDark is so far the only cryptocurrency that gives the stakeholders the option to earn rewards in Bitcoin. BTCD is already available on cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, Atomic Trade, Cryptsy and Poloniex.

The BTCD team has worked tirelessly to build up the infrastructure to support SuperNET; a new initiative designed to gather unique technology in one place, foster collaboration between cryptocurrencies, reward innovation and encourage active coin communities. SuperNET is not meant to replace other cryptocurrencies or become one alt coin but to strengthen the coins by giving them influence and purchasing power. BTCD is looking for alt coins which are enriching the cryptocurrency ecosystem by offering avant-garde solutions and innovative technology hence alt coins that replicate existing currencies will be discarded. The CORE currencies will be able to share each other’s’ features through a combined wallet, similar to the NXT wallet, the information is exclusively for members and will be handled with discretion.

SuperNET is not only a collaborative cryptocurrency hub enabling the cryptocurrency community to reach new heights in technological achievements but also a network bringing prosperity to its members. Several additional projects generating revenue will be used to reward SuperNET holders; from targeted advertising and transaction fees from anonymity protocols to betting revenues and trading gains. The CORE shareholders will profit from any revenues raised in order to strengthen CORE coin communities by investing in development, and make improvements to other key areas of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With the announced call for action among cryptocurrency developers and altcoin communities worldwide, BitcoinDark might very well be a game changer in the cryptocurrency arena. A gathering on this scale of professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide is so far unprecedented in the history of the cryptocurrency economical movement. The willingness to share their own unique technology like decentralised cryptocurrency exchange InstantDEX, tradebots and new teleportation system allowing truly trust-less transactions shows that BitcoinDark strives to create a Network bringing both prosperity and unity to the cryptocurrency space.

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