Bitcoin Alternative NXT Announces Coordinated Marketing Project Codenamed ‘Project Tennessee’

Nxt, the ultimate decentralised 2nd generation cryptocurrency, may be about to get a coordinated marketing team, at least if the current proposal from a group of Nxt veterans is accepted by the notoriously leaderless open-source community.

Nxt has often been described as the ‘Linux of Crypto’: an apt name for a project that has, since its inception, created groundbreaking cryptocurrency technology while keeping faith with the ideology of personal financial empowerment, transparency, decentralisation and equality that motivated Satoshi Nakamoto to create Bitcoin. In the eyes of the creators of Nxt, their project is not a replacement or competitor for Bitcoin, but a logical evolution of cryptocurrency, giving users access to powerful features that Bitcoin, in its current form lacks.

Anyone who has kept up with the crypto-currency scene over the last two years will be familiar with the almost revolutionary belief in decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency that motivates many ‘Nxters’, as they sometimes refer to themselves. This latest development seems like a radical change in direction for the Nxt project, especially given the vocal criticism from some elements of the Nxt community of marketing-driven crypto projects such as BitShares or NeuCoin.

Here is a summary of the goals for the co-ordinated marketing project, from the initial proposal document:

●   Create a continuous and coherent marketing/PR campaign, putting the focus on what Nxt has achieved so far, and on highlighting real-world-use cases for Nxt.

●   Set up a co-ordinated team for social networking/forums.

●   Create a coherent strategy to interest potential Nxt-based projects and investors who may be interested in utilising or investing in Nxt/SuperNet.

●   Assist/Finance the development and deployment of simplified client software: i.e.  Lite clients and webwallets.

●   Create a comprehensive user guide for the entire Nxt system, from account creation all the way to customised MS issues.

●   Set up an incubator system for both potential and currently running NXT based projects. This will have the aim of helping out projects with both direct technical/marketing assistance, and to bring these projects into contact with investors.

‘Tennessee’, as the project has been dubbed, is the brain child of two veterans of the Nxt project, Bas ‘Damelon’ Wisselink and Dave ‘EvilDave’ Pearce, who created the ‘Tennessee’ proposal in co-operation with the Nxt core dev team. We caught up with them for some questions about this slightly surprising proposal:

Q: Firstly, how can a leaderless, open-source project market itself?
A: (EvilDave) Up until now, most Nxt marketing has been done in an informal, grass-roots fashion, with community members creating marketing and promotional material for their own projects. This has worked well up to a point, but there has been a lack of coordination, too much duplicated effort and too many abandoned projects. It turns out that marketing and PR doesn’t work all that well when completely decentralised.

Q: Calling current Nxt marketing ‘uncoordinated’, that’s rather honest.
A: (EvilDave) Yes, but our current marketing is certainly not all bad. Some projects have created absolutely amazing work, sometimes in complete secrecy until it is revealed. These spontaneous, grass-roots initiatives are one of the best aspects of the Nxt system and should be encouraged. All that we really need to do is to give projects a selection of tools to work with, some existing material and a support framework. Creating this framework is a core aim of ‘Tennessee’.

Q: What’s the worst aspect of the current marketing situation?
A: (Damelon) The situation is just not ideal. Because there is sometimes no place where ideas are documented, work is done twice. Ideas get started and then, because there is no support infrastructure, are abandoned or emerge half-baked. We aim to solve that by giving a solid foundation to the work we’ve been doing on a small scale: encourage, connect and distribute. We see the role of ‘Tennessee’ as encouraging project developers, connecting them with people who can help them with the business side of things and distribute the news to the outside world.

Q: Is this a take-over of the Nxt project?
A: (Damelon) It isn’t. We cannot control, or even want to control development. We also cannot represent the Nxt community as a whole. Both myself and Dave have been involved in setting up the Nxt Foundation, and our goal has always been to get NXT adopted by businesses that will benefit by it. Projects we have been involved in are the Drachmae Project of Brian Kelly, the upcoming game Lyth, several hackathons and two instances of Payexpo. We’ve had a certain amount of success, and are regarded as leaders within Nxt.

A: (EvilDave) To the limited extent that Nxt has leaders. And, no, no sane person would want to attempt to take over control of Nxt in any way. It simply wouldn’t work.
I think that at this stage of Nxt development, it would be impossible for any one group to take complete control of the Nxt project, and that is a good thing. Leadership should come from within the community, not be imposed upon it. We want to provide a coherent strategy for Nxt marketing and adoption over the next 12 months, that’s it.

Q: So what are you going to do in practice?
A: (Damelon) What any marketing and sales person would do! Get out there and show people what Nxt does and how it can benefit businesses. Gather industry feedback and give it to the dev team to mull over. Pinpoint use cases that we can help out with and pitch proposals. We know what Nxt can do and we want to make sure businesses learn that change isn’t all that hard when you have a genuinely effective platform to move on to. Now is the perfect time for an initiative of this nature from Nxt.

Q: Why do you say that, now is the time?
A: (EvilDave). Because it is (laughs). We’ve spent more than two years building up to this moment: the technology underlying Nxt is mature and battle-proven, we have maintained a solid, stable and secure blockchain for all that time, and built a comprehensive suite of features to run on that blockchain. Everything works. The community is still very motivated and is populated by a lot of talented people. All ‘Tennessee’ really has to do is to provide a framework for that community’s efforts, some goals to aim at, and to raise awareness of Nxt with our target groups.

Q: And those target groups are?
A: (Damelon): Most crypto enthusiasts know who we are, and looking for mainstream adoption directly seems pointless and difficult right now. We are aiming most of the ‘Tennessee’ project at businesses and other projects, not at end users. Nxt has an amazingly comprehensive API which can be combined with new or existing projects in potentially limitless ways. If we get that message across to the business/financial world, the projects that they build will bring their end users into the Nxt ecosystem. Look at the NautilusCoin project from Drachmae and Brian Kelly as an example: Nxt provides the tools for Drachmae to build a complete crypto-economy on micro-scale, on just one Greek island, and it is Drachmae that bring people to their platform and to Nxt. It is this sort of project, bringing the basic concept of crypto-currency over to their end users, mostly for the first time, which will drive Nxt adoption and success. And ‘Tennessee’, of course…

Q: What does the Nxt Foundation need to make ‘Tennessee’ happen?
A: (EvilDave) Not very much, to be honest. Nxt has always worked on a shoestring, we’ve bootstrapped the entire project so far with no VC involvement. Nxt knows how to deliver maximum ‘bang for your buck’. We estimate the total cost of running ‘Tennessee’ for 12 months to be about $80-100,000, depending on how much we spend on outside contractors. This works out to be around 10 million NXT at current prices, so that is our target number for funds.
Putting the ‘bang for your buck’ philosophy into practice, we’ve started a fundraising/crowdfunding campaign for ‘Tennessee’ using the Nxt Monetary system. Our experience with raising funds in this way will be used to create a use case study for the TNSSE project and to gather feedback on the use of the MS in practice. Three goals in one.

A: (Damelon) People can donate to the ‘Tennessee’ project via the announcement page:

We’ve already received almost 60% of the total needed, people are mostly choosing to donate in Nxt, but we can also accept other crypto currencies.

For further information on Nxt and the Nxt Foundation:

Media Contact:

Name: Bas Wisselink


Ph: +31(0)37470753

City and Country Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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SnapSwap Granted the First bitLicense in Europe

The first bitLicense in Europe has been granted in Luxembourg to SnapSwap, an innovative payments startup.

SAN FRANCISCO, LUXEMBOURG — (12 OCTOBER 2015) — SnapSwap International S.A. announced today that the company has been granted a license to provide services as a regulated payment institution by the Minister of Finance of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The license allows SnapSwap to offer payments, remittances, and currency exchange services utilizing modern cryptographic technologies, crypto-currencies and internet protocols, such as blockchain and open ledger consensus.

SnapSwap will start its operations for the European Union out of Luxembourg in January 2016 under the regulatory supervision of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) as a payment institution pursuant to the Law of 10 November 2009 on payment services, on the activity of electronic money institution and settlement finality in payment and securities settlement systems.

SnapSwap, when operational in early 2016, will hold payment accounts and provide services to individuals, companies, and financial institutions within the European Union and worldwide. The company can process payment instruments on distributed payment networks, allowing faster, less expensive, and more accessible payments.

“Our mission is to build innovative financial products that allow consumers and businesses to participate in the global economy by bringing down barriers such as cost, complexity, and processing delays. We are employing the cutting-edge technologies of the emerging Internet of Value to foster financial inclusion and efficiency,” said Denis Kiselev, SnapSwap founder and CEO.


“We believe this is the first step of the creation of a crypto protocols ecosystem that will develop within an established structure of financial regulation and supervision”, Kiselev added.

About SnapSwap:

SnapSwap’s team of engineers and financial specialists builds products and services based on innovative payment and settlement technologies. Founded by Denis Kiselev in 2012 in the US, the SnapSwap established international headquarters in Luxembourg in 2015. Establishing a regulated payment institution in a major hub of international finance and communication technology allows SnapSwap to implement the highest standards of compliance and transparency. Its mission is to connect people and businesses by making payment innovations easily accessible worldwide.

Legal Advisors:

SnapSwap was advised in the licensing process by Schiltz & Schiltz, avocats à la Cour, a boutique law firm established in Luxembourg with a special focus on FinTech.

To learn more about SnapSwap, please go to:

US Media Contact:

Maria Stuart
Phone: +1 415 735 5385

Europe Media contact:

More Attitude
Nathalie Dondelinger
Phone : +352 266 360 600
Mobile : +352 621 366 960

Logo SnapSwap:

Bitcoin CFD Trading Platform Bit4x Launches New Clients Account Manager and Generous Referral Program
, the first bitcoin-based ECN broker, has announced the launch of their new client backend system and a very generous referral program.

Roseau, Dominica – October 7th, 2015’s new client backend system allows clients to fully manage their demo and live accounts. Traders can check their open orders and balances, manage deposits, withdrawals, set trading account leverage and more – all from one central location.

First launched in 2012, Bit4X’s innovative platform allows users to trade a diverse selection of high liquidity spot FX and CFD markets with Bitcoin. Liquid mainstream global markets including Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and more are all available to Bitcoin users.

Bit4X’ offers a variety of financial instruments, including spot FX and CFDs. Those instruments can be traded in order to speculate on the future movement of market prices. If a trader thinks the price of a commodity such as gold is going to fall they can open a ‘short’ position, enabling them to take profit in Bitcoin if their prediction is correct. Likewise, users can also open a ‘long’ position with Bitcoin if they think a commodity or stock is going to increase in value, and again earn Bitcoin profit if they are right.

CFDs can also be used as a powerful hedging tool to help offset any potential future losses. A trader simply opens a ‘short’ position on any investments they may hold.

The new referral program, which is open to anyone, pays 100% commissions for all referrals at least until November 1st. After that, commissions will still be anywhere up to a very generous 50%. The 100% commissions period may also be extended at a future date.

“We wanted to offer the highest paying affiliate program in the bitcoin-based trading market”, said Matic Kocevar, a representative of Bit4X. “Word of mouth and referrals have been our primary source of new customers since 2012, so we want to give back to the people who participate in that.”

Clients can access their referral URL by clicking on ‘referrals’ from the Bit4X Account Manager, where they can also track commissions, payouts, and real time data on all referrals from the same page.

Bit4X also plans to roll out integrated signals and a new API in the coming weeks, further improving upon the tools provided to their clients to boost their trading strategies.

For more information on Bit4X, or to sign up for an account, visit


Bit4X is the leading platform for trading a diverse selection of high liquidity forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and crypto markets with Bitcoin. Launched to the public in 2012, Bit4X features 41 currency pairs, 12 commodities, 12 indices, 10 stocks, and leverage up to 1:500. The platform is integrated with MetaTrader 4 for desktop and mobile devices, and is easy to use for novice and experienced traders alike.

Media Contact:

Name: Maja Lulik


BIT4X Logo

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Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Announces New Company Launch in 2016 To Integrate The Currency, Payment System, and Blockchain

Digital currency DNotes is pleased to announce the launch of an upcoming DNotes company in 2016 that will integrate DNotes and the blockchain into a seamless worldwide payment system. This is the latest building block for the DNotes’ ecosystem that currently includes DCEBrief, DnotesVault, CryptoMoms and the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans.

CHICAGO, Illinois – October 05, 2015 – Bitcoin Alternative DNotes today announced plans to bring its digital currency ecosystem to the global market as a for-profit enterprise in 2016. This new commercial venture will close the cryptocurrency loop by fully integrating DNotes’ currency, the blockchain, and a seamless payment system – with the goal of ensuring stability in its long-term exchange value, and its future appreciation. DNotes’ growing ecosystem includes DCEBrief, DNotesVault, CryptoMoms, and a family of CRISPs (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans) for children, students, employees, retirement for business owners and others.

DNotes will maintain ownership of up to 25% of the new company, providing a platform to support the anticipated growth of its digital currency. This will move DNotes beyond its primary role as a social and technological innovator, and expand its emphasis to include the functional system innovations required for global commerce and collaboration. The ultimate objective is to harness the potential power of blockchain technology in service to a global audience, enabling broader participation in the world’s economy.

Alan Yong, a well regarded visionary strategist, and the co-founder of DNotes, says that the blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin, DNotes and other digital currencies – combined with a new generation of global payment networks – can provide societal benefits even more far-reaching than those brought about by the internet. A trusted stable global digital currency, available for everyone worldwide is the vital ingredient for optimum mass acceptance; in the confusing space of an increasingly large number of digital tokens being created endlessly.

Yong believes that the best way to realize this “generational opportunity” is to understand the true potential of the three distinct components of this cryptocurrency revolution: the digital money, the blockchain technology that underpins it, and the global payment network system within which it operates. DNotes has worked to position itself as a model for successfully harnessing this enormous potential for wider public benefit.

There are challenges remaining, however. As Yong notes,

“The greatest challenge facing the cryptocurrency industry is our present inability to understand the intricate web of factors that would move us towards mass acceptance of digital currency and facilitate the countless new ways of doing business that blockchain technology enables. We must learn to identify obstacles to that acceptance and make viable plans to overcome them.”

To overcome these challenges, Yong and his team have set ambitious goals. Gaining broader acceptance for digital currency requires that cryptocurrency succeed in meeting the three primary functions of money: as a unit of account, as a medium of exchange, and as a store of value. The current DNotes strategy has been designed to meet those requirements.

DNotes’ payment networks will enable the option of immediate transaction settlement in multiple currencies with minimal fees, while its monetary stability will provide consumers with the confidence they need to save DNotes while they appreciate in value. Those networks will eventually include the company’s own exchange, banks, and partnerships with financial institutions, and other gateways that will provide access to an array of financial services. Though self-funded, DNotes is actively exploring various sources of external finance to support these ambitious plans.

Yong’s enthusiastic appraisal of these opportunities paints a vivid picture of just how world-changing these advances can be:


“It is important to realize that we are now equipped to confront the great global challenges of our time with bold solutions unimaginable only a few years ago. Hyper-connectivity is removing the historical barriers of distance, and collaboration with individuals halfway around the world is becoming as efficient as working with colleagues in the same office. Digital currency will further facilitate this ever-increasing connectivity and enable even greater global cooperation.”


According to Yong, this could result in a quantum shift in how the world conducts business. Two previously unconnected parties will only need access to the internet to be able to send and receive digital assets of virtually any transaction size, without the oversight of a central authority. And that transaction will be confirmed in minutes at almost no cost.

Altogether, these goals represent an ambitious effort to bring digital currency into the mainstream of the broader economy. Building on the foundation laid by the advent of the internet age, Yong and DNotes continue to work toward a new ‘digital currency age’ that promises greater economic access for everyone. For those who question such lofty dreams, Yong offers one more bit of wisdom that may end up serving as a rallying cry for the next phase in the evolution of money and commerce:


“The theoretical benefits of digital currency are not mere pipe-dreams. The future of money starts today, and it starts right here.”


About DNotes and Alan Yong:

DNotes co-founder Alan Yong is a well-regarded visionary who established Dauphin Technology in 1988. DNotes is regarded as a “thought leader” in the cryptocurrency industry, with a digital currency noted for its consistent and reliable growth, and innovative initiatives that actively engage women, young people, small businesses, workers, and others – effectively inviting the world to participate in the digital currency revolution.

For more information please visit:

To trade DNotes with Bitcoin please go to:

To learn more about DNotesVault and CRISPs please go to:

Follow DNotes on twitter:

Media contact

Name: Alan Yong


DNotes Screenshot

DNotes is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to FDIC and other consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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