2000 Free Bitcoin GH/s Gift Bags Offered by Cloud Mining Giant ZeusHash


Bitcoin Press Release: ZeusHash is giving away over 30 TH/s of Bitcoin cloud mining power to over 2000 new ZeusHash customers for 4 days ONLY between October 16th and October 20th: to give back to the cryptocurrency community worldwide.

Reputable Scrypt ASIC manufacturer ZeusMiner recently launched innovative cloud hash mining platform ZeusHash. Within two weeks of going live over 10,000 users joined ZeusHash and the cloud mining platform now has Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining customers from 110 countries worldwide. ZeusHash is now offering new users the opportunity to receive one of 2000 free ZeusHash Gift Bags with generous amounts of 30Th/s free Bitcoin mining power ranging from 0.5Gh/s to 100Gh/s.

ZeusHash has nodes covering America, Asia and Europe – ensuring that users always receive optimal mining pool latency worldwide when mining Bitcoin and Litecoin. With its extensive mining infrastructure ZeusHash is integral to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This ensures costumers can purchase sustainable hashing power at heavily discounted prices. Zeus has partnered with several companies including well-established Bitcoin ASIC mining manufacturer  RockMiner: to provide hashing power with less effort and at cheap prices. As part of ZeusHash’s GO LOCAL Campaign national local distributors in Italy, Germany, Indonesia and many more countries are expressing interest; the platform is now also translated into many languages including  Russian, Chinese and Italian.

In line with Zeus giving back to the community and delivering a little bit more for a little bit less with their constant give-a ways for new and existing clients; ZeusHash is now releasing 2000 free ZeusHash Gift Bags for new users between October 16th and October 20. The give-a way is a live random giveaway on ZeusHash.com with Bitcoin cloud hashing gift bags ranging from 0.5 GH/s to 100 GH/s. Social media enthusiasts who share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ will get one more chance to opt in for free hashing power. Free GH/s gift bags will be randomly allocated to users’ accounts after registration and their first Bitcoin cloud mining contract purchase.

How does it work?

1. Click the gift bag badge on the ZeusHash website:

ZeusHash hashing power 1

2. Go to the page where you can see the information of the gifts:

ZeusHash hashing power 2

3. Click and see how much node power you will get. Share it to get another chance to try your luck:

ZeusHash hashing power 3

4. Register and complete your first purchase to get the gifts. You will receive a confirmation email:

ZeusHash hashing power 4

NOTICE: The free hashrate will be allocated to your account after you complete your First Purchase.

You can also click your friends’ REFERRAL LINKS for the gift bags and win your friends some Free hashing power! Or post your own REFERRAL LINKS to attract friends and win yourself some Free hashing power!

Wanna SHOW OFF the BIG Gift Bag you’ve got? Share with everyone at:

Forum: https://zeusminer.com/forums/topic/zeushash-gift-bags-for-new-users/
Facebook: @ZeusHash
Twitter: @ZeusHash_Zeus

ZeusHash provides a simple approach in 5 easy steps to generate cryptocurrency returns in Bitcoin and Litecoin 24/7:

1. Users simply sign up on ZeusHash.com and then select the amount of mining power and type of ZeusHash node.

2. ZeusHash allocates the closest node automatically.

3. Full mining power at the closest node is now mining Bitcoin or Litecoin tirelessly.

4. Users can check their account using the ZeusHash website on PC or mobile devices and monitor their new source of Bitcoin income immediately.

5. Cloud mining enthusiasts can now turn their ROI into cryptocurrency earnings.

Now anyone can mine cryptocurrencies with as little as 1 dollar: thanks to ZeusHash the future of Cryptocurrency mining is now accessible to anyone worldwide. Everyone can join in the community and mine Bitcoin even if they know little about the technology.

ZeusMiner’s groundbreaking project ZeusHash continues to give back to the global cryptocurrency community – as the cloud mining platform with more than 10,000 satisfied users from 100 countries and active mining nodes on three continents. ZeusHash offers super fast latency speeds while keeping prices low thanks to its world class infrastructure and ability to sustain large amounts of hashing power. Their integrated technology allows users to effortlessly sign up, purchase and monitor their cryptocurrency mining  in just a few simple steps. ZeusHash offers not only world class cloud mining, but also gift bags: with the opportunity for cloud mining enthusiasts to win up to 100 GH/s of free Bitcoin mining power when registering on the site.

For more info, visit https://zeushash.com/

Media Contact:

Name: Fei Hong

Email: info@zeushash.com


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